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PzKpft 47 Totenbar Siegfried by RyujinDX PzKpft 47 Totenbar Siegfried by RyujinDX
Dom-de-de-Dom! Another Anno Astra MS.

PzKpft 47 Totenbär 'Siegfried'

The PzKpft 47 was one of the heralds of the present generation of mobile suits. Designed and manufactured by Porsche & MBB for the Confederation to an RKM specification, the Totenbär, codenamed 'Siegfried,' was a heavy MS intended to work closely with a new medium MS (the PzKpft 50 'Guderian'), then in development at the time. The 'Ausf C' variant was chosen for mass-production after the first two revisions were rejected for various reasons.

Powered by two high-output MIUC reactors and a small, auxiliary MIUC reactor, it was very well-protected, with thick, well-sloped armour composed of the multilayer Solingen type with Innsbruck inner layer and a standard superconductive layer. A polarized surface inductance coating permitted it to change its colouring and pattern schemes to one of several choices at the turn of a dial. Multiple heavy hardpoints gave it a diverse weapons loadout and the modular leg thrusters could be exchanged for a different configuration to match a specific combat environment. The shoulder-mounted turret binders freed up the back for bulkier stores, although at the price of reduced upper-arm movement. With this design, it excelled in frontal assaults, proving highly resistant to damage while delivering heavy fire rapidly and accurately in the face of severe opposition.

Among its trademark hand-carried weapons was the SA-44 'Greifer,' a variable-velocity coil-launcher capable of firing a variety of 150mm rounds, including a 0.1-kiloton fusion shell designed for anti-ship space warfare.

Design Notes: Obviously my take on the MS-09 Dom...more specifically the Dom Tropen.
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wardude86 Featured By Owner May 25, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude!!! it's like a dom but different! good job!
NCH85 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
wow, looks like a biff up dom!
Neo-Epsilon Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
Heh, deffinately a Dom. Very cool, nice colors.
TDBK Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOa! Ask him not to step on me!!!! Big feet mean something you know!! lol! :D
MatMusada Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2004
Someone likes Zeon dun they...?I like this design.An awesome take on the original.
blackswordsman28 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2004
love the color scheme. I hope teh Griefer is a very big gun, cause it would fit real well with the design in my opinon. schweetness
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November 5, 2004
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