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June 11, 2006
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Orion and Charity by RyujinDX Orion and Charity by RyujinDX
From my Anno Astra setting...

Orion & Charity

Depicted here is test pilot Catherine 'Charity' Castiglione with the Southern Cross industrial consortium's prototype heavy mobile suit, the SCV-25 'Orion,' prior to one of its in-house performance evaluation runs.

Lt. Castiglione wears a special hardsuit designed specifically for mobile suit testing. The suit is armoured and has a larger number of medical monitors and biometric sensors which measure and record the wearerís physiological conditions in real-time. The suit is fully EVA-rated, functions as a pilot's g-suit and can provide basic medical assistance during high-g maneuvers and other physically strenuous situations. The suit also carries a back-up recording unit for the mobile suit's testing, evaluation and diagnostics systems as a precaution against the loss of the mobile suit itself.

The subject of the image is the first of two prototypes constructed for testing & evaluation. This example is currently devoid of weaponry except for the head-mounted integrated rotary pulse lasers, which can be independently elevated from -10 to +80 degrees. Mounted on the headís left hardpoint is a 'dazzle' pod, designed to jam and overload targeted optronic systems with a low-powered laser rapidly strobing between multiple frequencies and wavelengths. In this case, the pod was being used to test for possible 'fratricide' effects with the mobile suitís own multi-frequency optronic systems. A larger pair of torso-mounted cooling systems, which restrict the mobile suitís waist articulation, have been temporarily fitted in lieu of the smaller, standard production units.

Sigh. Gotta keep working at it...
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excellent painting! very cool mech design as well.
Your 'Test Mission' was what inspired me, btw. ;)
MeganeRid Jun 13, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
really nice :D :thumbsup:
WOW! absolutly stunning. yo wouldnt have a clearer shot of the suit would you?
Seeing as how this just sort of...'grew' on the page...nope, sorry.
so sad... thanks.
Nidaram Jun 11, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoah baby this is cool. Would you mind giving me a quickie rundown of your technique? Do you first block in all the base colors using different solid values to put the shadows in, and then "blend" everything with lighter opacity brushes? What impresses me is how complex and detailed the shapes of your mechs are yet you still use this painted style. Nice job!
You hit the nail on the head, Nid. All I used were the hard round brushes set at 50% opacity and the smudge tool at various strengths to make some of it look like brushwork. Also a few touch-ups with the glow tool from Painter It's a real pain having to do everything with a mouse, but at least I can get straight lines...

A lot of the details were added on the fly, as I really didn't have any idea of what the mobile suit would look like when I started, except that it was to be...burly.
Very nice mech design and the hardsuit design is really cool too. It looks like a Overhauled version of the Mosopoeda uniform

Nice job on this pic
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