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IMI Ichneumon by RyujinDX IMI Ichneumon by RyujinDX
Mobile Suit from Anno Astra...

IMI Ichneumon a.k.a. Mongoose

Possibly the most well-armoured light MS currently in military service, the Ichneumon, manufactured by IMI, is the standard light MS of the armed forces of Dayan. An export version with more conventional laminate armour and sensors is known as the 'Mongoose.'

Ever since the latter half of the 20th Century AD, the Israeli military had placed great emphasis on the protection and survivability of its personnel. Then as now, they have been constantly beset by foes from all sides, and experienced fighting men were worth their weight in gold. Following this tradition, the Ichneumon was designed with an emphasis on protection of man and machine. Its modular laminate armour was the same as that on the IMI Gurion, and the thickness of the chest plate actually exceeded that of many medium MS. Asides from providing excellent ballistic protection, partly due to its well-sloped design, the armour had also proved to be highly resistant to laser fire and could survive hits from megaparticle weaponry even with its I-field shut down. As an added bonus, the materials used in its construction gave the Ichneumon passive stealth qualities. The armour sections themselves could be easily removed and replaced in the field to minimize maintenance downtime.

One of its roles being reconnaissance, the Ichneumon possessed very powerful, yet sensitive, MFO (multifrequency optics) sensors for long-range visual observation. Its other sensors, both active and passive, have also been tuned up to a finer degree, approaching that of a dedicated recon and surveillance platform (such as the Argus).

A controversial decision on the part of the designers was the exclusion of the forearm beam gun/sabers from the final model and its replacement with hardpoints. It was felt that, given the prevalent tactical doctrine of engaging and destroying targets at as long a range as possible and the Tzalafim mentality espoused by the legendary general Israel Tal, these were superfluous. These also had the added benefit of reduced weight and lower maintenance requirements. Beam pods could be attached to the hardpoints if the situation demanded it, in any case.

The enhanced defensive capabilities of the Ichneumon had its price, though. It wasn't as fast as its contemporaries, and the added bulk of its torso armour gave it a higher center of gravity. The legs required more maintenance due to the resulting high levels of stress, and the leg thrusters were made smaller to accommodate the necessary motive and load-bearing systems. Its sensor packages were also sensitive to rough handling and needed regular testing and recalibration.
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dassuperpenguin39 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
That is one fine looking Mobile Suit.
Cecihoney Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Not a fan of light MS/mechs but this one looks really neat, love the design, specially chest and head :)
Tomahawk34 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005   Writer
The picture is really cool, but what impresses me more than anything else is your creative stories behind these little creations of yours. Most people would probably go "It's a military mecha, I think it's cool", but your explanation seems to really make this stand out. On top of that, you are a real stickler for details. I dont mean to say your art sucks, that it dosent, but you really do your homework for these. :)
dracostarcloud Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
We can't all have our own highly detailed, cooler-than-SEED universe!

*runs away crying*

dracostarcloud Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
Ooh! I just wanna eat it all up!

Just kidding.

Very cool. As was mentioned before, it does have a sort of Ez-8 look to it, though the first thing I noticed was "Hey! It doesn't have the Beam Saber/Guns!"
blackswordsman28 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
Yet another Tasty Mecha :w00t:
Deamon007 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
realy cool M.S. lots of details to I love it :)
NCH85 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005  Hobbyist Artist
lol...the color variations, if u take into some consideration. the darker blue parts, the inner body, and thight, look kinda like shirt and pants, and the lower leg looks like socks and shoes lol.

the body has a hint of EZ8 lol... nice color scheme too. ^^
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
To be honest, I really didn't know what I was doing, lol!
DreamPen Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
Nice. :)
Loihtuja Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005  Student Filmographer
WOW, kewl :clap:
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