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Hundred Hands Mecha Concept by RyujinDX Hundred Hands Mecha Concept by RyujinDX

Contest entry for :iconshanenopolis: and his Arsenal game project.

Multi-limbed melee fighter concept, with each pair generally assigned to a specific role.  Probably a product of either Coventry Dynamics or Kusanagi Robotics, due to the multiple limbs & the design aesthetics based on Maximillian plate armour with its heavy use of fluting.

The upper pair of arms wield collapsible shields and actively move about to block ranged & melee attacks from different directions.  They are modular in nature and can be replaced with weapon mountings or specialized limbs.  The shields themselves are a combination of ablatives & advanced cermet composites for maximum protection against a variety of threats for a minimum of weight.

The middle pair of arms are the strongest, and are generally used to wield slashing weapons.  The gauntlets can be extended forward to increase their reach.

The lower pair of arms are smaller & are intended for close-range thrusting/stabbing attacks due to their more limited range of movement.  A common tactic is to use two pairs of arms to immobilize the opponent while the third pair continues to attack.

On the back and calves are thrusters that give it added mobility and allows it to perform potentially devastating jump attacks.

Shown in the illustration are only a sample of the wide range of weaponry & equipment which the Hundred Hands can carry.  The sword & pick have built-in thrusters to increase the force of the blow, while the pile bunker uses a chemical propellant-based gas-operated mechanism to achieve a high burst rpm.

WingsofAdventure Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
This is something very similar to what I have in mind, but yours look awesome! Plus, you can never go wrong with pilebunkers! :XD:
shanenopolis Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, and good luck!
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February 20, 2014
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