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February 6, 2007
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GMC Python by RyujinDX GMC Python by RyujinDX
From Anno Astra...

GMC LHM-25 ‘Python’

One of the most common of the present generation of light mobile suits, the Python is manufactured by GMC. It enjoys widespread distribution thanks in part to an intensive ad campaign, political lobbying by its manufacturer and its low all-around costs. A single-reactor design, it is generally regarded as mediocre in overall performance, yet quantity has a quality of its own. The quantity of universal hardpoints it possesses gives it multi-role flexibility, but the same can be said of just about every mobile suit manufactured in the past fifty years. As a result, large numbers have ended up in the service of third-tier polities and private operators. Given the designation LHM-25, it has been bought in large numbers, more than twice that of its closest rival the GETH-800, by the FAS & its allies. It was favored and adopted by the FAS as its primary light mobile suit due to its perceived ‘All-American’ construction and low costs.

Depicted in the illustration is a Python in Alcazarian Defense Forces livery. It doesn’t seem to display any battle damage, only the wear & weathering expected from rigorous use. It should be noted that the poleyn protecting its left knee joint still possesses a ‘factory white’ color scheme, which suggests that the armour was replaced some time in the past, probably due to battle damage. This unit is part of the 2nd Armoured Regiment, stationed outside the capital, which would explain the lack of a localized camouflage scheme and the presence of anti-riot equipment. Anti-government sentiments still simmer in the nascent High Republic of Alcazar, much of it personally directed at its caudillo, Guillermo Alcazar, who has received a large amount of outsystem financial & material support from certain corporate polities looking for a pliable planetary government in that particular sector of human space.

Mounted on the left torso is an anti-riot system manufactured by Honeywell. While it normally functions as a high-powered spotlight and loudspeaker, it is actually a combination of photic driver and infrasonic emitter, which uses high-intensity light and low-frequency sound pulsed in certain frequencies to induce nausea, epileptic fits and other physically debilitating effects in unprotected beings.

The chest area is protected by an additional layer of passive armour designed specifically for the Python. The lightweight armour is of spaced honeycomb construction with an ablative filler and comes in segments for ease of replacement. The thorax plate is only partially protected by reactive armour tiles to avoid obstructing the chest plate when it is opened. There have also been issues concerning the close proximity of the tiles to the sensors mounted on the thorax plate.

A Honeywell AN/MGS-63 multi-frequency passive detection system is mounted on the left side of the glacis plate, supplementing the Python’s own sensors. It is usually set to pick up laser rangefinders and target designators directed at the mobile suit.

An active defense system is mounted on the right rear shoulder armour. This uses a 7mm coilgun repeater and directional fragmentation charges to knock out incoming missiles approaching from a 210 degree arc centered on the right flank. The system is tied in to the mobile suit’s sensor suite in conjunction with its own sensors. This is supplemented by the active defense arrays affixed to the front shoulder armour. The missile pod on the left shoulder is a variable-configuration type which can be set to launch a variety of standard projectile types. It can hold up to 16 missiles of 120mm diameter, or more of the smaller sizes.

The left hip holds a pair of magazines for the handheld Oerlikon coilgun, while a pair of electronic countermeasures pods are mounted on the front armour skirts to enhance the Python’s admittedly Spartan onboard ECM defenses.

The legs are protected by additional armour ‘greaves’ with built-in missile pods, defense arrays and various launchers. Variable-configuration options permit the use of different munitions. This particular model is part of a fully-integrated set of combat armour manufactured by GMC and designed to increase the offensive & defensive capabilities of the Python. Apparently, the Alcazarian government couldn't afford a complete set.

The coilgun is a 50mm weapon manufactured by Oerlikon, the GSK-50B, and can fire either single shots or three-round bursts at reduced velocities. A solid, reliable weapon, it has begun to show its age and its effectiveness against the frontal armour of late-model medium MS is suspect.

Your basic 'cannon fodder' type...
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xxVectorZeroxx Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011
oh thats badass.
Great-5 Featured By Owner May 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
hmm, so what exactly are "light mobile suits"?
RyujinDX Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
That's just an arbitrary classification based on vehicle tonnage and intended mission role.
Daiichi Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry I didn't read the whole background..what I'm wondering, was this a show model that I just haven't uh caught onto (Most of my Gundam Fandom is Wing and earlier..) or is this a personal make used in an original story?
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007
Most of the stuff I do is original; material that's related to the official franchise I usually categorize under 'fanart'.
Daiichi Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Oh okies! I'll look out for that then :D.
STTestament Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
I'm totally sure it's just me, but I see the legs as too thin. While they may very well resist the weight of the overall body, they seem too fragile for that.
Maybe some more robust armor covering them would take care of it, but the design is awesome nonetheless :P
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
It's intentional, to make it look like a so-so machine. Actually, the reason's buried in one of my journal entries. Movable Frame + about 400-500 years' worth of advanced material science + a derivative of the Minovsky Craft System = no need for stressed-skin construction.
Hopeless-Poet Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007
This... is smexy. I am telling you, even with two versions showing modifications and additional pieces of equipment to place on it! Cannon fodder, maybe, but in the right hands, I'm sure it will live up to it's name and eat a medium MS like monday morning breakfast! Heh. In short, I love it.
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007
Watch out for the variation I'm working on--it's 3x faster, lol.
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