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March 19, 2005
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DHM-18 Mastiff by RyujinDX DHM-18 Mastiff by RyujinDX
An Anno Astra demi-suit...

The demi-suit is a development of the mobile suit and the powered suit, bridging the performance gap between the two. Demi-suits are usually considered 'jack-of-all-trades' units, capable of serving and integrating properly with infantry or armoured/mobile suit units. They can handle weapons that are at least partially effective against mobile suits, and are small and light enough to go after powered suits and infantry in all but the most built-up areas. Though they lack any form of protective field, they are mostly immune to infantry small arms, and their size and light weight gives them enough of a concealment and maneuverability advantage to make them difficult targets for MS weaponry in the appropriate terrain.

DHM-18 Mastiff

Currently in use with American Federation forces, the Mastiff is a versatile, cost-effective demi-suit. This late-generation model, manufactured by FMC, is a popular example of a demi-suit which uses a 'saddle'-type operator's compartment. The pilot straddles a special saddle in an erect position, with his legs stretching down into the demi-suit's upper leg sections. While this imposes limits on the waist's range of traverse, it does reduce the space occupied by the operator, which allows for thicker torso armour. The operator's legs fit into an 'active harness' which permits the demi-suit to mimic his leg movements even with neural inductance controls deactivated. The arrangement also makes possible a disposal system for liquid wastes. Many pilots also consider saddle-type accommodations more comfortable than the unavoidably cramped 'bobsled'-type arrangement.

The Mastiff is intended for operations within a gravity field. It lacks maneuvering thrusters, and possesses but three thrusters, one in the backpack and one in each calf. It is primarily used for assisted leaps, jumps and landings. Operations in zero-G would require additional thrusters, propellant and batteries mounted to its hardpoints, as it is powered by an air-breathing high-speed turbine and high-capacity storage batteries.

The Mastiff's head unit possesses a mast-mounted sensor. It is a slim, telescoping cylinder, lying horizontal, that rotates upward and extends to act as a periscope for observation and targeting while the demi-suit remains concealed. Sensors are also mounted on the shoulders and elsewhere to compensate for loss or blockage of the main sensors in the head unit, such as when large, bulky weapons occupy the shoulder hardpoints.

This particular example appears to be equipped for anti-MS work. Its primary weapons are the hypervelocity missile pod and the 25mm hypervelocity coilgun. Both rely on kinetic energy to penetrate armour and are thus pretty useless against soft and area targets. With this payload, a demi-suit has a good chance of inflicting serious damage to a mobile suit at close ranges (and even of knocking out a light MS), especially when organized as an ambush team in close country. For soft targets, it relies on a pair of 6mm 'suppressors,' small-caliber coilguns capable of sustained automatic fire. Held in the hand is a 35mm coil-launcher using multi-purpose ammunition developed and manufactured by Olin. The projectile is a powerful, proximity-fused explosive charge encased by a shell made of Olin's own 'Glacium' memory alloy. Upon detonation, the ogive forms an EFP with sufficient velocity to penetrate light vehicle armour. Each portion of the pre-segmented sleeve reverts to a flechette airfoil shape traveling fast enough to penetrate infantry hardsuits about half of the time within a 5 meter radius. Mounted on the shoulders are active defense arrays in the form of gimbal-mounted directional mines, effective against infantry and incoming missiles. Upon detonation, these mines also produce a dense smoke formulated to block and interfere with major portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Not shown is the cutter bar wielded by the left hand; this is used for clearing away brush and foliage.

Edit: Inspired in part by Masamune Shirow's Landmates.
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Commander-Fillmore Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
Nice design dude I am working on my own design that is strangely similar to your design
dassuperpenguin39 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
Abit curious, wouldn't it be easier to stick an MIUC reactor onto this suit to make it suitable for Zero-G ops, or is it too big to really fit on a Demi-suit?
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
The reactors are too large for the relevant time period. Ops in zero-g would be limited by the lower specific impulse of more conventional means of propulsion & the available supply of reaction mass.
LeoXiao Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2008
the camouflage here is awesome. I like how it has attacked weapons as well as a handheld arm.
scruffyronin Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2008  Professional General Artist
boooo, liit nung image ganda na naman! fave na 'to.
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2008
TY. Nung ginawa ko 'to, PIII 800 at 800x600 resolution ang gamit ko.
tutankahmun2 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007   Photographer
AtholTheDestroyer Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I want one, I gopher prblem to deal with, yea thats it.
mikkow Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2005
I've always wondered how the legs of the wearer could be put in practically in the legs of the mech. Most such designs (even yours, sort of) seem to have the thighs and legs spaced a bit, which becomes a huuge space for the wearer ;) Due to joints and such, the pilot's hip joints need to be at a similar height and location as the hip joint of the mech/suit. It would give rather thin armor around the groin and inner thigh area and is a clear potential achilles heel of any such design I could imagine.

I've thought about these types of mechs (size) and my most logical solution has been to exclude the pilot from inside - to have them operate by remote control (nearby APC style vehicle perhaps) and with advanced AI incase anything goes wrong with the connection.
RyujinDX Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2005
In keeping with the overall AA continuity tech-wise, one solution I opted for is, of course, the system used by Masamune Shirow's landmates in Appleseed. In the Mastiff's case, said areas were designed with pretty thick frontal armour and advanced composites. Another system has the operator housed entirely in the cockpit, in a cramped, seated position with controls similar to an AA mobile suit's (I'll probably put up the lineart in the future). Also, remote control without a physical link is not very practical in AA due to the effects of Minovsky Particle jamming (though it can be, and has been, done with DS & MS).

Storywise, though, I intended demi-suits to be proof against infantry small arms and light weaponry only; infantry rocket launchers and anti-materiel rifles are enough to take them down, if the shooter knows what he's aiming at.
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