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SC15 Sicuro by RyujinDX
SC15 Sicuro
Oh lol, I haven't posted anything in over a year (was getting used to working with the Wacom I bought last New Year's Eve, for one).  Anyways, here's something from Aug. 2014:

As part of the prize package for first place at the First Annual DCC MFZ Tourney hosted by MittenNinja (…), the winner also got an illustration of his choice of Mobile Frame.

Fragsturbait took home the bacon, and the Mobile Frame he selected was the Sicuro SC-15 (…).

Extrapolating from the Lego model, I made the assumption that the mast-mounted sight on its right shoulder is extensible, allowing it to observe & designate targets from behind full cover. The handheld autocannon is attached to a loadbearing set of hardpoints on its forearm, for improved stability. The hardpoint also functions as a datalink between the weapon's sensors & the MF's fire-control system.

The lower version has a good amount of passive & reactive applique armour tiles for added protection, as well as shoulder-mounted countermeasures launchers. The joints are covered with a tough ballistic fabric for protection against low-velocity projectiles, dirt & the elements. The manipulators are similarly protected with synthetic rubber 'gloves,' which also improve its gripping ability. The drum at the 'small' of its back, which holds additional Muscle cylinder fluid, has additional armour as well. A duralin combat knife with scabbard is attached to the armour plate on its left thigh.

Also, Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Back when Mobile Frame Zero was being produced, people were asked about what form a follow-up expansion should take.

The majority were in favor of ship-to-ship combat.

Well, it's currently being thoroughly playtested and the Kickstarter is running as I write this entry.…


Favourite style of art: F & SF subjects done in various styles & media
Operating System: Win7
Favourite cartoon character: Nausicaa, GuP & Yamato 2199 cast

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